Will Artificial Intelligence replace Digital Marketers?

 Some seem to think that because of the publics access to ChatGPT and the use of artificial intelligence apps that it will not require humans to do basic tasks such as writing articles, creating scripts, researching information or even writing a book.

Because of all the buzz, some of the more famous gurus such as Billy Gene is Marketing who is one of many who have created online courses that teach small business how to use AI software tools to cut time in half and make more money from the increase in productivity.

The interesting thing about the niche of making money online is that there are always going to be innovations

Recently I came across a channel on Youtube that is discussing the downside of Internet Marketing.

The million dollar copywriter talks about the behind the scenes of what is going on in the marketing industry where the sale is more important than impacting peoples lives.

Those who want to learn how to make money online need to realize that it is necessary to master a skill set and then learn how to create content that will help answer questions to people's problems with a product or service.

As mentioned in the video, it is important to look for ways to inform, educate and share how to do a skill set that will help improve peoples lives.

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