The Step by Step Guide to Creating a Successful Online Business

  No business can survive without repeat sales and monthly revenue.

 If you have your own business website that sells products and services then you know how important it is to have a good marketing strategy to attract customers, prospects and leads.

The cost of running a business is not cheap and you have monthly expenses. Some of these expenses include paying for hosting, keeping your website up-to-date with the latest plug-ins, you also need to keep your website compliant with mobile advertising. If you hire virtual assistants there is the cost of outsourcing small and big tasks to keep your business running on clockwork.

In this article I will cover some of the top marketing tools being used by sales representatives online:

As an independent business owner and affiliate you will be promoting other people's products and services and it will be necessary to have a marketing budget as well as marketing tools.

1. AIOP - All in One Profits

Take Your Business To The Next Level - Discover how you can build any business with "all-in-one" suite of marketing, business building tools and services.  

All in One Profits helps entrepreneurs to grow and brand your business, build your income. Everything is at your fingertips with our business building and marketing tools.

  • Web Hosting
  • Email Marketing Autoresponder
  • Lead Capture Page Builders
  • Video Hosting and Sharing
  • URL Rotator - Tracker
Prices starts at $10 dollars a month for the BASIC Plan and then increases to $20 dollars a month for the PRO Plan. Which includes more features such as: SEO blogging, Sales Funnel, Wordpress plugin, and lead magnet software, training and tutorials. 
See more products here:

2. Trafficwave - Email Marketing

TrafficWave is an email marketing service a company that develops and manages AutoResponder technology for small and medium-sized businesses.

The tool  allows business owners to send an email marketing campaign to their leads similar to companies like MailChimp or Aweber. Send your messages right away or schedule broadcasts for future events. Generate new business. Bring in repeat business. 

Create Sharp Emails with Customizable Templates where you can see outstanding results even if you are not a marketing expert. Track your results online. Email marketing services, free newsletter templates, email list management, automation, real-time reporting, and more. 30 Day Free trial!

While other companies charge you more as your lists grow, is always a low monthly subscription of just $17.95 per month

Traffic Wave Autoresponder features unlimited ad trackers that let you monitor the performance of each and every ad you make online.

4. BuildABizOnline Marketing Tools

Helping you to work smarter not harder. Are you ready to start earning an additional income while building your existing affiliate business at the same time? 

Register for free to find out how. Marketing Training and Advertising. Downline Builder

  • Unlimited Autoresponder Campaigns and Subscribers
  • Unlimited Splashpage and Capture Page Builder
  • Unlimited URL Cloaker Tracker Shrinker and Brander
  • Promote all traffic programs with one link
  • Unlimited URL Rotators
  • Banner and Graphics Building Tools
  • Showcase all your ads with one link
  • Mail your downline from your members area
  • Wordpress Traffic Blog and cPanel for pro members

BuildABizOnline by Ian Stewart is a provider of affiliate marketing tools and advertising solutions 

6. Leadsleap Lead Generation System

LeadsLeap is a lead generation system that helps to drive traffic to your business website or blogs for FREE.  a manual traffic exchange website, an ads network, and leads generation platform that is useful to online entrepreneurs. 
It is basically a platform for driving free traffic to your Home Biz opportunity or affiliate offers to generate both leads and sales. This online business-building tools is Free to join or upgrade to Pro for $27/month. 

Here are the marketing tools and features available for business owners:

  •  The real Tracker -  enables you to track those visiting your site and how much time the visitor was on the page. or you use the link tracker to track all the traffic you send to other platforms.
  •  PopupXPert -  you can generate a variety of popups, including Lightbox, slideup, Onclick, Animated inline popups, Corner, and popup opt-in forms. 
  •  List Manager - the Autoresponder to build an email list, to send out mass mail, as well as to automatically send the welcome email with download links.
  • OTO List Builder -  tool comes with payment integration, an affiliate program, an autoresponder, and automatic newsletter mailer, a mass mailer and an OTO system.
  • PPC Program -  You can add an ad widget to your website, you get paid for sending traffic to advertisers’ links.
  • Convert Credits – click 10 ads a day then convert the credits you earn into cash.
  • Referral commissions –  Every time a person you invited to this platform upgrades, you get 25-50% commissions that are paid on a monthly basis.

Popular Downline Builders for getting referrals and signups into your Affiliate Programs

7. Multiple Income Builder by Alonzo Brown

Helping People Worldwide Earn Multiple Income Streams 100% Instant Commissions Unlimited Residual Income.

So Earn 100% Instant Commissions & Weekly Residuals From Your Home. Join Free Then Promote Your Own Fully Customized Downline Builder That Helps You Build Your List & Grow. Any Business, 

You'll Earn Multiple Income Streams at the Same Time! We Can Help You Achieve Financial Freedom by Helping. You Earn Streams of Income Promoting Only One Link.

This downline builder is free to join and you are encouraged to sign-up for the opportunities mentioned below as an affiliate to earn commissions. Once you sign up for each program you can begin sharing your MIB link all over the internet to gain referrals.

Companies featured in MIB is: 

  • 1.) SavingsHighwayGlobal - Earn Unlimited Residual Income Paid Weekly
  • 2.) Easy1Up 2.0 - Pays You 100% Instant Commissions
  • 3.) Automatic Builder - Pays You 100% Instant Commissions
  • 4.) BuildaBizOnline - Pays You Daily Residual Income
  • 5.) CTFO - Pays You Weekly Residual Income

 LeadsLeap, All In One Profits,  Tapestri,  TrafficWave, Global Domains,  Mint Builder,  Webtalk  They Help You Earn Income in ALL 12 Programs.

8. Automatic Builder Instant Commissions

Automatic Builder is that it's an excellent program to make instant commissions and low cost marketing system that pays instantly.

Automatic Downline Builder System - This a program that comes with everything you need to build a sustainable online business either by promoting the program itself or by promoting other offers. Within Automatic Builder, you’re allowed to promote up to 3 different offers, to join. consists of 3 entry levelsCosts range from Free - $27 onetime $47 onetime

This is what you get depending on which package your upgrade. - Direct Referral Link Professional Video Capture Pages Professional Video Landing Page Sales/Order Page  web hosting Access to our Top Advertising Resources Classified Ads , Text ads, Solo Ads Signature files, SMS Texts & More Live Training Calls Direct Pay Module Earn 100% on signups Advertising Pay Module earn $$$ on leads/advertising $150 worth of Free Advertising

Downline builders are a good way to get sign-ups and referrals into multiple programs all at the same time with one link.

These are some of the top resources I like to use to get referrals online. 

Top Networking sites for Business Owners

If you have a business then you know how valuable it is to use social media for networking and getting leads. 

Did you know there are websites that are social media networking for business entrepreneurs? in this article I will share with you some of the top sites for getting leads and building your list with other independent marketers online. 

1. MLM Gateway Lead Generation

Get free MLM leads with MLM Gateway today. Over 300,000 targeted network marketing leads have already been delivered. Thousands of people have build a profitable home based business with us.

Achieve Your Goals with MLM Gateway -  Lead Generation Millions of people looking for home based opportunities are visiting our platform every month. Create free account, present your business, generate leads and recruit to your team. 

We Help You to Build Your Network Marketing Business Meet real people looking for a business opportunity. Generate hundreds of leads and build a lucrative MLM business. Become a leader with our unique social platform for independent business owners. Zero Costs - Join for Free 

  • All Countries - talk to network marketing prospects from your country 
  • MLM Leads - contact 240,000+ leads interested in home based business 
  • Effective Recruiting - promote your business opportunity and recruit new reps every day 
  • Advertising - drive targeted audience to your business opportunity website 
  • Content Marketing - publish articles about your business and get attention of thousands of visitors 
  • Home Business Traffic - drive highly targeted network marketing traffic to your bizopp website and expect high sign-up conversion rates. Creating the advertising campaign takes just 2 minutes. 
  • Lead Capture Pages - Get even more leads with our dedicated lead capture landing pages. Professionally designed landing pages with pre-written content are available to you to gather contact information from your audience. 

2. CashJuice - The Home of Network Marketers

Cashjuice is the home of money makers who make money with and through CashJuice. because the site has something for everyone. Beginners, intermediates and advanced entrepreneurs will find something they like about advertising on the site. 

It is a place where business opportunity seekers can come to connect with other marketers. *It is important to note that some of the top internet marketers and super-affiliates use the site to share new money making programs and to discuss the best traffic sources online.

As a member you can :

  • Post your affiliate links
  • Recruit sign-ups
  • Share photos and videos
  • Join Cashjuice groups and forum

Earn money for participation

You get paid for welcoming new members and answering questions. Earn money for being active, participating and commenting on other members profile pages.

The added benefit is that Cashjuice is owned by the same person Darren Merrett of Trafficadbar which is a fast growing traffic exchange for home business affiliates. 

Promote your profile link and earn advertising credits

When you are part of the Cashjuice social network you also are able to promote your profile online and feature your favorite website link. Each member earns credits that can be used for advertising each time they share their link on the internet.

Earn Socialize and learn how to build a list, build a business, make commissions and become a better marketer all in one place. 

3. IBOToolbox Business Community

IBOtoolbox  is a Free Business Social Network. If you are a marketer you want to be part of this platform. The site offers a section where you can make your own personalized profile page, share your social media icons such as Twitter, Youtube and Facebook.

Use your profile to promote yourself - On your profile page you can give members a introduction into your experience and the products that you recommend. Network marketers and business opportunity seekers use IBOToolbox to promote their primary money making program. 

On IBOToolbox you can share your affiliate links, add photos, upload videos and post articles. There is a section called "press releases" this is where you can discuss your favorite websites, programs or just share information about your life. 

IBOToolbox has been through a few changes through the years, it used to offer advertising packages but now it seems to be more for sharing links, commenting on other members profiles and posting blog type articles for backlinks.

 4. APSense Web 2.0 Social Network

APSense is a web 2.0 enabled social network designed to help business owners, online marketers and affiliates build their own personal business network of contacts locally or on a global scale. 

The site promotes this social business networking by providing marketing tools and add-ons for users to easily communicate, create interest groups and even build their own private social network. The goal is to make it simple for you to connect with other business individuals.

Some features include:

  • Article Directory 
  • Guest Posting 
  • RevPage Directory
  • Brand Directory
  • It is a business network where people come together to share their business through networking, exploring and creating quality business content. You can get tons of tools to help you connect with potential partners and contributors to your business building. 

    It is a great place to brand yourself and build a global audience for your email list as well as get sign-ups for your primary business opportunity.

    image source:

    5. Digital Curation Tool

    This is a Free and easy online tool to collect, organize and share any web content and can also be used for collaborations and networking.

    It is possible to set up a profile and share links, videos, photos, PDF's, share RSS feeds as well as your favorite website links. The site has good software for graphic artists, storytellers, news articles, bloggers and videographers.

    It is a great resource for marketers to share their banners, and social media link profiles. It is a customizable, digital curation tool that allows you to collect and organize information in a virtual space. 

    Also is a great learning tool for text, links, documents, slides, images HTML and more. Create user groups and decide what to publish for each group in multiple languages.

    ** When you start marketing on the web you will want to have multiple platforms to use that will allow you to share your affiliate links. 

      When you advertise your websites using traffic lead generation sources. Can you tell where the hits, visitors and clicks are coming from.

    As a marketer it is important to promote  your websites in places that has real people and not bots. Traffic is currency. Companies make big money selling traffic to entrepreneurs on the net.

    If you have a business that sells products, you need customers who will buy what you are selling. If you get people who want free stuff, they are not buyers.

    It is important to advertise your business in front of people who will buy what you are selling and they are going to be repeat customers. If you have a quality product that people like and love then you can build an empire on the web.

    Unfortunately you will come across companies who will promise real traffic, they will say that if you pay them money they can get your website in front of proven buyers for sales to your products and services.

    What these companies are selling is leads that have been swapped and traded multiple times, some of these prospects are not active. You end up with a out of date rehashed list of business opportunity seekers or social media profiles that only wants free stuff.

    Affiliate marketers are just one of the groups of individuals who need fresh leads everyday to make sales. 
    If you make a living promoting other people's products than you know how important it is to have a high quality of consistent web traffic coming to your landing pages. Business opportunity seekers are interested in finding a company or program that will allow them to earn a consistent amount of income each month. 

    If you use traffic generation services you will want to use a Sales funnel or Landing page when you set up your advertising.  As an affiliate you can drive traffic by building an email list with the right landing page and sales funnel and autoresponder software.

    Interestingly, although many advertisers will say that you are a "business owner" in reality if you are promoting other people's products and services online, you are actually a "salesperson" you must convince other people to join the company you represent as an affiliate.

    The company will compensate your efforts by sharing a percentage of the selling price. If you are good at referral marketing you can make a good living. Unfortunately not many people know how to market a business online, or knows how to attract prospects and leads.

    The good news is that there is training on how to reach an audience of buyers. There is a method and strategy for getting sign-ups and leads in any business program. One tip is that you want to use sites that specialize in driving traffic, these companies provide the leads, they give you the visitors to your sales pages and websites.

    It is up to you to have a compelling offer, your sales page needs to be able to have an attractive call to action. When a person sees your page do they want to sign up? do they want to get more information? are you offering something that people (need) or (want)? if so then you will be able to get plenty of leads for  your business as an affiliate marketer.

    If you are thinking of starting your own business where you create products and services to sell online, the easiest way to get customers is to set up an affiliate program. This will allow other marketers to promote your website for you, getting your business more exposure on the web.

    The key is to be "consistent" most of internet marketers who join network marketing companies for multi-level marketing or are paid members, they receive an auto-ship of products each month as a consumer and they are required to recruit other members to join under them.

    If they sponsors can get enough people paying a monthly fee to join then they can make a decent living sponsoring and referring others to the business opportunity. One of the key ways to generate more leads to  your business is to learn how to market your business online.

    You would think that once you have a nice professional website that the people will come automatically, especially if your website is hosted on the world wide web.

    Millions of people come on the internet to search for goods and services. Google is a popular search engine and it makes searching for your favorite websites easy. But unfortunately unless you have a BIG brand online it will be challenging to get ranked in Google, Bing, Yahoo, or many other search engines.

    Plenty of entrepreneurs start a new business every day and they are looking for ways to gain followers and subscribers to their websites online. This often includes ecommerce websites.

    In this article I will share with you some of the top ways that you can gain visitors and web traffic to your webpages online for free.

    First of all I want to mention that it can be competitive to get enough people to see your landing pages or sales pages online. This is because of big corporations that are able to monopolize the media, these companies pay for advertising and they can afford to be in high traffic sites to reach millions of visitors each day.

    If you are a small company you will have a hard time getting your website noticed or recognized by popular media sites. This is where you will have to use other alternative web traffic generation methods.

    Some of the most popular ways to get traffic to your website is to use free methods that doesn't cost any money.

    1. SEO - Search engine optimization is a popular way to get free visitors to your website. How it works is that you will need to have a website. Then you can publish content and blog posts on your website about a variety of topics. These topics can be on subjects and categories that will be of interest to people searching on the internet. 

    2. Article Directories - Content websites let you write articles and submit them to a directory, the reason this works so well is that the articles are distributed on many other websites. Google likes new and fresh content articles so you can backlink your pages to your website to get more visitors.

    3. Create Videos - People like to watch videos and one of the most popular video sharing website is Youtube. This is a site that gets billions of views and is a great Free way to attract visitors to your website. Once your make a video on YouTube it can go viral and you will end up on top of the search engines.

    4. Forums - This is a great place to reach a small group of people who are interested in a specific niche. Once you join a forum you can start discussions and share information on your favorite hobbies, TV shows or opinion. It is easy to get a following to your website by engaging conversations online.

    5. Commenting - One of my favorite things to do and it works really well and that is to leave comments on other people's blogs that is in the same industry that your blog. Find related blogs online and then leave them comments.  This will get you backlinks and other sites interested in sharing your articles.

    What do you do with all that free traffic?

    As an affiliate for companies you will want to learn how to create one page websites known as "landing pages" or sales pages, squeeze page to help convert leads and get visitors to opt-in to your mailing list.

       The 7 steps to becoming a super affiliate, The leave your soul sucking 9-5 blueprint

    Finally the 7 proven steps to building a 6 figure online business from scratch without having a product, experience or dealing with clients.

    Do you want to say goodbye to your soul sucking 9-5 job create a passive income machine from home?

    Build a life of complete time and financial freedom. Create multiple passive income streams on autopilot which allowed you to have complete freedom to do what you want when you want to do it. Copy this one of a kind traffic report, 100% Free Traffic Ambush

    Master the secret skills to silently ambush referrals traffic report

    • Free rebranding rights 
    • Free traffic on demand free sales funnel builder
    • No opt-in required check your download folder

    Get a free copy of this one of its kind report comes with full branding rights 

    Learn how you get traffic on demand send massive traffic to any business and turn them into active referrals willing to promote your business 24/7 unlimited traffic 100 percent rebrandable

    Targeted Traffic can be yours with these 3 easy steps

    Win a Free Solo Ad Daily Play click to win daily Enter to win a free solo ad Get paid without referring - We do the work.

    You get paid Daily multiple sign-ups - Submit your affiliate link to URL Rotator to generate multiple commissions from over 100 top traffic sources such as Safelist. Mailers, Traffic exchanges, social media sites, classified ad sites and income discussion forums

    Consistent daily posting will result in clicks and visits to your affiliate links to build your downlines for referrals and commissions automatically Weekly and monthly contests and cash promo codes from income and advertising websites. 

    Learn what top earners do daily that keep their income growing on complete autopilot get traffic to your sites method for residual income revealed

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    New Diamond URL Rotator for 5 Websites - Change Anytime - Weekly Stats eMailed. Worldprofit has set up a Massive URL Rotator on High Traffic Sites and over 5,500 others that you must see! 

    Now you can get Your Ad on Hundreds of High Traffic sites for a One Time Super Low Cost...Just $37 for 5 urls for an Entire Year. 

    There are a few packages that will rotate with No Limits for One Full year for your 5 url! Change them anytime.

    The internet talks about getting traffic but little is said about what to do after you get the traffic.

    So when it comes to web visitors online, you want to reach a specific target market of real people who are interested in what you are offering. Which can be products and services such as business tools.

    Once you have traffic, you need to "make money" from this traffic. This is the fun part. Without spending a dime, you can promote all the top brands in the world through affiliate programs. you'll learn how you can choose from products/services and easily promote them on your website. No inventory. No shipping. No support required.

    People are your business. Without people, you have nobody to sell or advertise to. Within the first few lessons you will learn all about the most current traffic techniques and how you can get an abundance of relevant customers to your website. members own Google rankings, and own a huge share of all traffic online. That is a fact.

    Think of your website as your “storefront” for your business. Building your very own website is Simple within the process takes less than 30 seconds to build a beautiful looking, mobile, and revenue ready website. State of the art, ultra powerful and secure hosting will allow you to grow your business.

    Have a hobby or something that gets us excited and motivated when you think about it. It only takes one idea to create a very successful business online. Don't have any ideas? No problem, will help you choose a direction of your business from different niches.

    A Platform Designed For Affiliate Marketers Of All Levels.

    This Traffic is great if you want signups and sales for...

    *  Any Affiliate Program

    *  Business Opportunities

    *  List building and social connections

    *  Backlinking purposes

    Promote Affiliate Links - Change Anytime (Details Inside)

    The time is now to create the life you want and get paid to advertise your business to thousands

    *** Author is an affiliate for the products and services mentioned on this blog. If you click on a link and make a purchase, the blog author will earn a small commission. Thanks for your support.