Automated Traffic Generation of high-quality visitors.

Traffic Machine takes in bulk traffic that no one wants and converts into an unstoppable flow of high-quality visitors...

Automated Traffic Generation

We start with bulk traffic that's virtually worthless... unless you know what to do with it.

Traffic Recycling Loops

Every visitor to any of your pages creates even more credits, impressions, signups and commissions... constantly feeding your machine.

Passive Revenue Streams

Your networks includes multiple affiliate programs that reward you for sales & signups... all 100% hands-free.

Traffic Conversion Systems

First we refine your bulk traffic, to create quality pageviews & traffic credits, and then again into real visitors, leads and sales.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Our DFY campaigns will generate traffic, leads and sales on full auto. Even if your visitor never signs up and never buys a thing, they'll continue to add value to your business for a year or more!

Viral Multiplication Strategies

Our built-in viral marketing pages will generate multiple traffic program signups from a single lead, turbo-charging the output your entire system.

End the Mindless Busy-Work. You can stop the never-ending traffic surfing, email reading and ad clicking today! Use that time to add real value to your business instead.

One Time Set Up & You're Done. There's real work required to set this up, but if you give me 1-2 days, EzHitzs can send you a lifetime of high-quality, hands-free traffic.

Hundreds Of Traffic Sources. EzHitzs draws traffic from hundreds of sources so it's more reliable than those gimmicky apps that rely on exploiting loopholes and spam techniques.

Easily Promote Any Offer. You're not tied to EzHitzs. You can update your target URLs instantly, so you can test new offers, drop those that don't convert and ramp up the winners.

Earn & Grow With Free Referrals Many of the tools we use will pay you, including several that pay for free signups... so you're paid to build & grow your Traffic Machine.

Promote Your Business Not Ours! The fact is, the more our Members promote their own unique offers to even broader audiences, the better EzHitzs will work for everyone!

This isn't one of those 1-click miracle apps promising instant traffic & untold wealth...

It's going to take real time and effort to set this up.

A few hours for experienced marketers. Maybe a day or two for everyone else.

We're here to help where we can, but YOU will need to stick at it and do the work.

Just remember... even if it takes you a week or more, it will still be so worth it!

How Does EzHitzs Perpetual Traffic Work?

We connect nine powerful traffic systems to feed each other & leverage your efforts, creating a constant flow of high-quality visitors...

Step 1

Create your Free Traffic accounts. Set up your powerlinks & viral loops. Activate your passive cashflow options.

Step 2

Connect your traffic converters, recycling systems, viral multipliers & your DFY email marketing campaigns.

Step 3

Run your automated traffic generators daily, to feed your Perpetual Traffic Machine and output quality visitors.

Step 4

Keep running the traffic software regularly to grow your traffic systems on full auto. Your biggest challenge will be deciding where to send all your traffic!

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